Welcome to Southeast Texas ACA!

Welcome to the Southeast Texas Intergroup’s website for Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA) in Southeast Texas.  Just taking the time to find us was a big first step in your recovery! We’re glad you’re here! Bookmark this site for future reference and consider it one of your recovery tools.


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Join Us! Monthly ACA Intergroup Meeting for All of Us in Southeast Texas ACA

We meet on the third Sunday of each month. Our meeting runs from 2:00 – 3:00pmNew meeting ID, same passcode as before. Zoom Meeting ID: 870 4499 5587, Passcode: 126067. Together, we can move mountains. Any and all area ACA members are welcome to attend and get involved in our area’s activities. We encourage every group to send a rep to the meeting monthly.



Big Red Book Study Meeting! Wednesdays 6:30 PM until 8:00 PM. Join us for our weekly book study meeting of our primary text: Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Famlies (AKA The Big Red Book). We meet at the Up the Street Club, 14700 El Camino, Suite 300, Houston, TX. For more info email Fran at efransimmons@yahoo.com.


Here Are Some Great ACA Links To Help Get You on Your Way

1. Am I an Adult Child? Click here… This simple quiz can change your life. It may point you to solutions you never thought possible.

2. Find ACA Meetings in the Southeast Texas area! We try to keep this up to date. Area meetings in Southeast Texas, including Greater Houston and any/all meegtings we know about. Contact us about new meetings so we can spread the word.

3. Houston ACA Recovery Need a 24/7 resource for ACA recovery in the Greater Houston area? Be sure to join Houston ACA Recovery Facebook Group. Meet up with current recovery friends and find even more support for your recovery. As we join in and participate, recovery gets easier for us all!

4. Upcoming Events and Service Positions Available in our Southeast Texas ACA area and beyond! Check back often as we’re posting new events as they come up. We’ve got a workshop scheduled for

5. Click here to have the daily affirmation from Strengthening My Recovery sent to your email inbox, every day… free! You can buy the book, but why not get the free daily affirmation/meditation delivered to your email every day! Did we mention it’s free?

6. Search for ACA Meetings around the country and/or the planet! All across our lovely blue marble, planet Earth (or should we call it Planet ACA?), we’ve got meetings for you! Live, Zoom, and other formats.

7. How to start your own meeting. Here’s the full info packet to get you started. It includes EVERYTHING, the suggested readings, suggested meeting positions, types of meetings, etc etc etc. It’s all you need to customize to your specific needs and wants. Or download the Meeting Builder Kit here!

8. Free ACA Literature, in many different languages! Subjects: Newcomer, Meetings & Sponsorsip, ACA Information, and Foundational Literature.